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  • Leonard Watson

    Legendary. It’s about wild turkey.

  • John

    This is outstanding Loved the Music and the ideo combination.

  • Love it Paul! I really did the intro to the video as well. Makes me want to burn this bitch down(work) and take another cross country road trip:-) Hee. I won’t burn anything down, don’t worry.

  • Whoops, spelling error in my last comment. “I really dig” not “I really did”:-) Awesome video man.

  • John

    Awesome,beautiful videos flows really well with the Music.

  • paulaziz.com

    Thx Leonard, Collin, and John

  • Lil

    Very artistic work! Great combination of music and scenery. I love how you captured varied views and locations. It makes me want to travel. Really, really fine video!

  • dj dad

    Nice FinalCut skillz!

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